Metagenomic profiling dataset of bacterial communities of a drinking water supply system (DWSS) in the arid Namaqualand region, South Africa: Source (lower Orange River) to point-of-use (O'Kiep)

The metagenomic data presented herein contains the bacterial community profile of a drinking water supply system (DWSS) supplying O'Kiep, Namaqualand, South Africa. Representative samples from the source (Orange River) to the point of use (O'Kiep), through a 150km DWSS used for drinking water distribution were analysed for bacterial content. PCR amplification of the 16S rRNA V1-V3 regions was undertaken using oligonucleotide primers 27F and 518R subsequent to DNA extraction. The PCR amplicons were processed using the illumina® reaction kits as per manufactures guidelines and sequenced using the illumina® MiSeq-2000, by means of MiSeq V3 kit. The data obtained was processed using a bioinformatics QIIME software with a compatible fast nucleic acid (fna) file. The raw sequences were deposited at the National Centre of Biotechnology (NCBI) and the Sequence