Obesity phenotypes and subclinical cardiovascular diseases in a mixed‐ancestry South African population: A cross‐sectional study (南非混合血统人群的肥胖表型与亚临床心血管疾病:一项横向研究)

Efforts to characterize the disease risk associated withobesity1suggest that related metabolic abnormalitiesare not uniform in all obese persons. The conceptsof“metabolically-healthy-”and“metabolically-abnormal-” normal-weight, overweight and obese havebeen used to characterize the phenotypes resulting fromthe cross-classification of individuals by body mass index(BMI) and metabolic status.2Studies, mostly from devel-oped countries, suggest each phenotype to represent asizable proportion of the population. However, evidenceon their association with cardiovascular disease (CVD)risk is inconclusive, and no study has assessed the preva-lence of obesity phenotypes and correlation with diseaserisk in Africans.3We assessed the prevalence of obesityphenotypes, and their association with sub-clinical CVDin mixed-ancestry South Africans